Lin Engineering, NEMA17, 4118S-01DL Dual shaft bipolar stepper motor

Stepper MotorSKU: 29M011

$ 19.95


Lin Engineering 4118S-01DL, Brand New NEMA17 Bipolar stepper motor from LIN ENGINEERING. This is a 1.5A, 1.8 degree. with up to 35.42 oz-in holding torque. Dual shaft model - Front shaft is 5mm diameter and 21.5mm long. Rear shaft is 6.5mm diameter and 12.5mm long. Winding Resistance = 1.8 Ohm, Winding Inductance = 1.2mH. Connection is made through 4-wires
(Coil 1 - Black and Green), (Coil 2 - Blue and Red). Leads is 457mm long. See specification for details.

The product datasheet is available here to view

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