Infrared, KIT - Requires Assembly

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This Remote Control and I/R receiver KITis able to control many things. This KIT includes an assembled transmitter unit with thirty buttons, a detector unit in KITform with a printed circuit board, a detector amplifier IC, and all the parts needed to detect a signal from a transmitter and convert it to a serial TTL signal. This InfraRed receiver KITwill need be assembled someone familiar with electronic components and soldering techniques. The output of This KIT will serve as input to a circuit of your own design that may be used to control home heating/cooling, or a robot or a lawn care system, or an alarm, or home lighting system. This KIT comes with schematic diagram and assembly instructions. KITs are not returnable. If one of our customers would like to develop a 'universal' KITwith various outputs like TTL, relay, transistor switched, etc. that could go this offer we'd be most happy to cooperate with development and marketing. We can arrange a special offer for a large quantity of the remote controls and KITcomponents for customers who would want to use these as part of a product under development.(93V010)

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