Fuji Electrochemical, SMS40-2401-A unipolar stepper motor

Stepper MotorSKU: 25M003

$ 4.49


Fuji Electrochemical Co. P/N SMS40-2401-A is a unipolar 15 deg/step motor (six wires). Features include 50/100 s/rev, 12 V, 70 Ohm coil. These new motors are 1.65" (42mm) in diameter by 0.57" (14.5mm) thick. The shaft is 0.12" (3mm) in diameter by 0.39" (10mm) long. It has a 1.65" (42mm) square mounting bracket with 4 .01” (3.5mm) holes 1.38” (35mm) apart. There are six approximately 19" long leads wires that come out of this motor from two side by side holes, one hole has three wires, a red, a brown, and a black wire, and the other has 3 wires, a red, an orange, and a yellow. Large quantity available. (25M003).

The product datasheet is available here to view

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