FNIRSI SG-003A 0-24V Adjustable Current Voltage Simulator 4-20mA Signal Generator Sources Transmitter Calibrator Transmitte

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Description :

FNIRSI SG-003A signal generator is mainly used for debugging of industrial field PLC, process instrumentation, electric valve and so forth. Friendly operation interface is easy to use.
The FNIRSI SG-003A signal generator is small and light but has a long standby time and high precision.Easy to carry when you go out to work.
Adjustable button backlight and high-definition TFT color LCD screen make it more convenient for users to operate at night and during the day

Features :

1. Expect with the conventional signal input and output functions
2. Voltage and current have automatic output function,it can choose a single rise,three modes of single drop and cycle.
3. With input to output conversion,voltage conversion active current mode,passive mode and current conversion voltage mode.
4. The output has a custom function,the upper and lower output limits can be set arbitrarily.
5. Voltage input diagram,current input diagram,the frame rate is 10 frames.
6. PWM output can set frequency and duty cycle respectively.
7. Real-time curve:Real-time observation of changes in voltage and current
8. It is powered by a large-capacity lithium battery and is charged with a Type-c interface (5V).The capacity of the lithium battery is 3000mHA,Super long working hours
9. The high-definition TFT color LCD screen makes the reading more eye-catching.The resolution is 240*320.Low power consumption,Maximum power consumption: 0.32W

Technical Parameters:

1. Active current output: range: 0~24mA; resolution: 0.01 mA; maximum load: 750Ω;Precision:±(0.1% 0.005)
2. Passive current output: range: 0-24 mA; resolution: 0.01 mA; external power supply up to 30V;Precision:±(0.1% 0.005)
3. Voltage output: range: 0-24 V; resolution: 0.01v; maximum current 30mA;Precision:±(0.1% 0.005)
4. 24V voltage output: drive current: 24mA;resolution: 0.01 mA;Precision:±(0.1% 0.005)
5. Current input measurement: range: 0-24 mA; resolution: 0.01 mA; input impedance:100Ω;Precision:±(0.1% 0.05)
6. Voltage input measurement: range: 0-30 V; resolution: 0.01 V; input impedance: 2MΩ;Precision:±(0.1% 0.05)
7. PWM output (frequency): Range: 0-9999Hz
8. A sngle 3.7V 3000mAh lithium battery power supply; Standby time is 26 hours;the using time varies, based on the usage(It can be 8-10 hours with 20mA continuous output)
9. Operating environment: 0 °C - 50 °C.
10. Internal reverse and overcurrent protection; protection voltage:30V
11. Output automatically
12. Size: 92mm*72mm*30mm
13. Weight: 165g

Package include:

1 * FNIRSI SG-003A Multifunctional Signal Generator Calibrator
4 * Test Clip
1 * Type-C Charging Cable
1 * EU Charger

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