DG189AP/883 Siliconix, Analog Switches

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The DG189AP are HiRel precision dual single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) analog switches designed to provide accurate switching of video and audio signals. This series is ideally suited for applications requiring a constant on-resistance over the entire analog range. To achieve fast and accurate switch performance, each device comprises four n-channel JFET transistors and a TTL compatible bipolar driver. The driver is designed to achieve break-before-make switching action, eliminating the inadvertent shorting between channels and the crosstalk which would result. In the on state, each switch conducts current equally well in either direction. In the off condition, the switches will block 20 V peak-to-peak, with feedthrough of less than at 10 MHz. The major difference in the devices is the on-resistance , DG191--75 W). Reduced errors are achieved through low leakage current (ID(on) < 2 nA). Applications which benefit from the flat JFET on-resistance include audio switching, video switching, and data acquisition.

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