Buehler, 12v, 3000RPM DC Motor and Generator

DC motorSKU: 23M017

$ 5.95


Buehler 4-wire precision DC motor 3775596. The motor runs well on 12VDC but will operate from 6V to 24V. This is also a generator whose output voltage increases with speed. These are precision ball bearing motors. 2.22" (56.3mm) lenght X 1.34" (33.63mm) diameter. including 3mm dia shaft & pulley.

Frame: Round/Circular

• Volts: 12Vdc (6~24V nominal)

• Current: 0.15A (cont.) 0.35 Amp peak

• Output: 2~4 Watts (nominal)

RPM: 3000 @ 12V (no-load)

Wires: 2 wire (50mm nominal)

Shaft: 2.5 mm dia x 10mm long with small flat-belt pulley (option)

Shaft-Detail: Plain

Size: 34 mm dia. x 57 mm (nominal)

Weight: 0.155kg

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