Assortment of 1000 Resistors, 1/4W, 1% Metal Film Type

ResistorSKU: 28P125

$ 16.95


Nice Assortment kit of 1000, 1/4W, 1% precision metal film resistors. This lot has 50 values (individual packed) x 20 pieces, the values range from 1Ohm-10 MOhm. Values includes :

0.1 ohm, 1.2 ohm, 1.8 ohm, 6.8 ohm, 10 ohm, 18 ohm, 20 ohm, 47 ohm, 56 ohm, 68 ohm, 91 ohm, 270 ohm, 300 ohm
390 ohm, 470 ohm. 680 ohm. 1k ohm, 1.2k ohm, 1.5k ohm, 2k ohm, 2.4k ohm, 2.7k ohm, 3k ohm, 3.3k ohm, 4.3k ohm
5.6k ohm, 6.8k ohm, 8.2k ohm, 9.1k ohm, 10k ohm, 15k ohm, 18k ohm, 20k ohm, 27k ohm, 33k ohm, 39k ohm, 47k ohm
68k ohm, 82k ohm, 100k ohm, 150k ohm, 180k ohm, 200k ohm, 220k ohm, 300k ohm, 330k ohm, 1M ohm, 2M ohm,
4.7M ohm, 10M ohm.

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