Apex G.30 4G/3G/2G Terminal Antenna

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The Taoglas Apex IV TG.46.8113 is a wideband 5G/4G dipole antenna that has been designed to cover all sub 6GHz 5G/4G Cellular, ISM and Wi-Fi bands with frequencies in the 450 to 6000MHz spectrum. Evolved from the highly successful Apex range of products, the TG.46 has the highest wideband efficiency of any terminal antenna on the market today. Designed specifically for optimum performance on 5G NR bands between 3.3-4.2GHz, the TG.46 exhibits a uniform omnidirectional radiation patter that allows for truly uninterrupted 360° 5G connection reliability. Additionally, the extended lower frequency coverage at 450MHZ (Band 31), makes the TG.46 ideal for a range of IoT applications, such as remote monitoring of smart utilities.

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