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Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cord 19.69" x 23.62"


  • $ 2795

New AS14 Grey Anti-Static Mat with Ground Cord. Features PVC-latex material which neutralizes ESD static and prevents damage to microcircuit devices which cannot tolerate a sudden flow of static charge to ground. Material is easy to clean and maintain and is environmentally friendly material, anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemical flux wear resistant & scratch resistant, stable performance, high and low temperature resistance, good toughness & high elasticity suitable for various working desks, delivered with ground cord.


Conducting/Dissipation layer thickness: 2 mm.
Material: top: static dissipative rubber, bottom: conductive rubber.
Surface resistance: Top layer: 10^6 - 10^9 Ohm: Bottom layer: 10^3 - 10^5 Ohm.
Volume resistance: 10^5 - 10^8 Ohm.
Attrition rate: < 0.02 g / cm².
Charge decay: < 0.1 s.
Weight : 2lb 4oz

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