Agile Products Closed Caption Cable Converter

VideoSKU: 22U117

$ 24.95


Old TV Cable Converter Box. Input: Channel 3 (from cable converter box or VCR) or Baseband Video and Sound (from Cable converter or VCR). Output: Channel 3 or 4 (selectable) to TV set and Baseband Video & Sound to Monitor. F Connectors: RF in and out (channel 3 in/Channel 3/4 out). Video & Sound in and out: RCA connectors. Outputs: Closed Caption (2nd language available, if broadcast) or TEXT (news or other information, if broadcast on that channel). Bypass mode on: closed caption will not be shown. Size 11" x 6-1/8" x 1-1/4". Wt. 1.8#. Product does not include the 16v wallwart. Agile Products Inc. set top Model CC-1101.

The product datasheet is available here to view

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