4-Digit Programmable Counter for Down-Counting - Requires Assembly

Electronic KITSKU: KIT_148

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This KIT is the hardware "˜platform"™ that is the basis for a number of different timing modules. The hardware is the same for each KIT-- the only change is the firmware programmed into the microcontroller (uC) that controls it. Need another type of timer -- simple, just change the uC chip. Firmware IC K148T0 for a Programmable Down Counter down-counting from a maximum of 10,000 seconds is supplied with This KIT . The other firmware must be bought separately. Contact us for an auction for the other firmware: K148T1. Simple Photographic Timer - K148T2. Stopwatch with Pause function - K148T3. 40KHz Auto Ranging Frequency Meter - K148T4 Programmable Down Timer counting down in minutes from a max of 10,000 minutes - K148T5 Programmable Down Timer counting down in hours from a max. of 10,000 hour. This is a KITand requires full assembly. Our KITs are only returnable if they are still in their original packaging. Alltronics Part# KIT_148. See spec sheet :  [link removed]

The product datasheet is available here to view

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