2A Step down transformer, 21 or 24 Volts

TransformerSKU: 98N006

$ 8.95


This multi output transformer is designed for 21 or 24 Volts output with 100 or 120 VAC input. Rated at 2A with 120 V input. Model PPT-054. size approx 2-3/4" (L) x 2-3/4 (W) x 2-1/4" (H). Schematic included. Please see the attached pdf for details. There are a number of ways this can be configured including connecting two of these with the primaries and or secondaries in series or parallel or in buck/boost applications. Having two or three of these handy will allow a large variety of combinations to be made to get the desired voltage output. Be sure to hook a 110 volt incandescent lamp in series with the input when experimenting.; if the lamp lights up something is not configured correctly.

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