200 Gauss Ring, Magnets

200 Gauss RingSKU: 23N011

$ 1.95


These are cute; they are a cylinder about 1 5/8" dia. and ¼" tall the wall thickness is about 1/8". There is a plastic frame and the actual magnets are attached to this circular frame. Some interesting effects could be studied with this shape of magnet. Certain healing applications may also be applicable to this particular shape. One could study the effects of the approx. 200 gauss field on colonies of bacteria or superglue one to the entrance to a hornets nest. These are stackable for an increased field intensity a unique thing about these magnets is that each has 3 north and 3 south poles. We had a hard time getting them to pose for the photo. Loads of possibilities here. Great educational tool or building block for a sculpture. (23N011)

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