20-Gauge Yellow, Stranded wire, 100'

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20 AWG (10 x 30) Stranded Tinned Copper Wire. Stranded Tinned Copper Wire Conductor per ASTM B-33 Insulation:

UL 1007 color coded PVC

Temperature: -40° to +80°C

UL 1569 color coded PVC

Temperature: -40°C to +105°C


Consolidated Stranded Copper Wire UL Style 1007 / UL Style 1569 80°C / 105°C 300 Volt Hook-Up Wire

Point to point wiring

Internal wiring of meters, panels, electrical and electronic equipment

Industry Approvals:

UL Style 1007, UL Style 1569, CSA-TR-64, RoHS Compliant, OSHA acceptable.

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