12VDC Xenon Flasher, KIT - Requires Assembly

Electronic KITSKU: KIT_163

$ 20.95


This KIT builds the circuit to trigger a high voltage xenon flash-tube using a 12V DC input from a power supply. The flash rate can be varied between 1 and 2 flashes per second using an onboard potentiometer. Component changes can move the flash rate range faster or slower.This KIT uses a 12v DC sidac instead of a neon tube to trigger a flash. A sidac is a bi-directional voltage triggered switch. Characteristics of this device include a normal 95V to 330V switching point, negative resistance range, latching characteristics at turn-on and a low on-state voltage drop. One cycle surge current capability up to 20 amps makes the sidac an ideal product for dumping charged capacitors through an inductor in order to generate high-voltage pulses. This is a KITand requires full assembly.

The product datasheet is available here to view

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