10/100 MBPS Ethernet card, Controller

ComputerSKU: 28C023

$ 8.95


U.S. Robotics 7900A Fast Ethernet PCI Network Card enables you to access the PCs on your network to retrieve data files, compete in multi-player games, share music, and utilize printers and other network devices. With Wake on LAN (WoL) functionality, you can even remotely power up, or down, your computer to perform routine maintenance functions from a centralized location. And by adding a U.S. Robotics Broadband Router, you can share your existing cable, DSL, or satellite broadband Internet access with all of the PCs on your network. Access to information from any one of the PCs in your home or office with the powerful, yet easy to install, U.S. Robotics 7900A Fast Ethernet PCI Network Card.

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