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AC-DC Switching Power Supply, O/p 24 and 28VDC @ 50 watts
YK Systems Power Supply Output 5V@4A,15V@1A,15V@1A, 24V@1A
ITT Telecom, Power Supply Model R10054-102, 11 VDC & 40 VDC
Vicor Switching Power Supply, 24VDC @ 2.1A and 28 VDC @1.8A.
Power Supply : O/P 12VDC, 8.5A
Power Supply : O/P 12VDC, 5A
KHSC50-30 Quad Switching Power Supply +5v/+12v
High Current Power Source, Output 5V, 10A.
Switching Power Supply, Output 15VDC, 6.7A
YK Systems Power Supply, Output 5V@15A 12V@0.3A
Condor, GPM55-15 Switching Power Supply Output 15v, 3.7A

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