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Acrylic Equilateral Prism, 25mm x 50mm
Equilateral Glass Prism. 50mm x 50mm
Telescopic Round Mirror Size 7"
Round, Mirror
Tools Round, Mirror
$ 3.10
27"Telescoping Inspection Mirror
Mounted Square Mirror AssemblyMounted Square Mirror Assembly
Microfilm 1" Diameter Projection Lens, 35mm Focal Length
Microscope Eyepiece w/prism and 30mm threadsMicroscope Eyepiece w/prism and 30mm threads
Sekinos SSM-200(50) 4.5" Old Projection TV Lens
40mm Screw-Mount Four Element Lens, 77mm FL
Mitsubishi Video Phone Accessory Lenses
Red Projection 75mm TV Lens, Focal length 7.5mm
Light Sensitive Burglar Alarm
Motorized Iris & Shutter Assembly
10' Northern Lights Fiber Optic Cable # E120857
Minolta 3.5" Large Copy Lens

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