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1/4" Switching Phone Jack
1/4" Panel Mount Stereo, Jack w/Switching1/4" Panel Mount Stereo, Jack w/Switching
Phone Jack, 1/4", Stereo 3-conductor w/ normally closed switch
1/4" Panel Mount Open Circuit Type Phone Jack
3.5mm Stereo Jack, 90° PC mount3.5mm Stereo Jack, 90° PC mount
RCA 4-Gold Plated Jack Panel
3.5mm, Audio Mono Jack
3.5mm Monoaural, Mini Plugs (Pkg of 2)3.5mm Monoaural, Mini Plugs (Pkg of 2)
Switchcraft #377, 2.5 to 3.5mm Mono AdapterSwitchcraft #377, 2.5 to 3.5mm Mono Adapter
4-pin Male Chrome Panel Jack
3-pin Male Chrome Panel Jack3-pin Male Chrome Panel Jack
3-pin Female Chrome Microphone Plug3-pin Female Chrome Microphone Plug
4-pin Female Chrome Microphone Plug
Phone Adapter, 1/4" Female to 1/8" FemalePhone Adapter, 1/4" Female to 1/8" Female
Phone, 1/4" M to 1/8" F Stereo AdapterPhone, 1/4" M to 1/8" F Stereo Adapter
RCA Female Inline Solder JackRCA Female Inline Solder Jack
Four RCA-F Jack Panel, 2.0" x 1.4"
RCA Solder Tag Jack. Pkg of 6
Pair of old style Mono Phone Plug to RCA-Jack
PC Mount 1/8" Mono Audio JackPC Mount 1/8" Mono Audio Jack
3.5mm Stereo 5 Pin, Jack
Pair of Solderable RCA Jack Panels
4-pin Female XLR Female Connector
3-pin XLR Female Connector

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