AC and Gear Motors

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Motor Driver, 15 Min Timer, 4415-M204
Motor Driver, 15 Min Timer, #4415-M202
Geared AC Clock Motor, 1RPM +/- 0.1RPM  with Cap
GTR model HLMN-18T Induction Geared Motor
Oriental Motor Gear Reduction Unit, 80x80x30mm
Gear Motor, W/ Magnetic Brake
Bodine 115V, 10rpm AC Motor
Winsmith, 300:1 Gear Motor
Boston Gear, Reduction Unit #FWC718900B4JBoston Gear, Reduction Unit #FWC718900B4J
Alling Lander, Speed Reducer #2192-UFC-3-154Alling Lander, Speed Reducer #2192-UFC-3-154
Winsmith 15:1 Rght Angle Drive #910XDNS061X0CIWinsmith 15:1 Rght Angle Drive #910XDNS061X0CI
Fridgeaire Heavy Duty Motor #3150Fridgeaire Heavy Duty Motor #3150

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