Intel® RealSense™ R200 Module Assembly

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The R200 camera is a USB 3.0 device that can provide color, depth, and infrared video streams. Depth video streams are like color video streams, except each pixel has a value representing the distance away from the camera instead of color information. It consists of an infrared laser projection system, two infrared and a full HD color imaging sensors. The depth video stream is generated with stereo vision technology assisted by the Infrared laser projector and the two infrared imaging sensors. Color data is provided by the full HD color imaging sensor. The R200 module is not intended to be the primary photography solution. It has the ability to synchronize with a high resolution world facing camera for depth + photography applications. This lisiting is for a used camera module only, no cables, boxes or manuals. These were pulled from surplus and NOT tested.

R200 Description : The Intel® RealSenseTM Camera R200 is a module that implements a long range, stereovision 3D imaging
system. The small size of the R200 module provides system integrators flexibility to design into a wide range of products.

• Onboard Imaging ASIC.
• VGA resolution depth capture from 0.4 to
• Infrared (IR) Laser Projector System (Class 1)
• Dimensions 101.56mm length x 9.55mm
height x 3.8mm width.
• Full HD RGB color stream.

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