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12.5" Long Air Actuated Cylinder
Bimba 012-DPB, pneumatic cylinder, 2" stroke
Bimba 013-DB-UJ, pneumatic cylinder, 3.5" stroke
Bimba 022-NPR, pneumatic cylinder 2" stroke
Bimba D-61154-A-1 5 Air cylinder, 1.5“ stroke
Bimba D-63699-A-1 XG, pneumatic cylinder 1" stroke
Camloc 2" Travel Gas Spring
CKD Pneumatic Pressure Regulator # B2019-1C
CKD Pressure Regulator, 0.5 to 8.5 kfg/cm
Double Rod pancake Air Cylinder, 0.5" Stroke
Festo ESNU-3/8"-2.5+-P-A, Cushioning Cylinder.
Festo FENG-32-178, pneumatic actuator, 178mm stroke

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