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2 X 4, Rotary Switch
10-Position Rotary BCD Swtich
Grayhill 58J9A60-01-1-04N-F, rotary keyswitch
Grayhill, 94HCB10RA rotary switch
Grayhill, Rotary PCB Mount Switch 1P, 1D
SPST PCB Rotary Switch
Switch Bonanza Assortment - Pkg of 25
Grayhill 16POS-BCD Encoder
Mini Hex, SwitchMini Hex, Switch
Switch Mini Hex, Switch
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Lorlin, 4-Gang ON-OFF Rotary SwitchLorlin, 4-Gang ON-OFF Rotary Switch
Lorlin, 18-Gang, ON-OFF Rotary SwitchLorlin, 18-Gang, ON-OFF Rotary Switch
Lorlin 5-Gang, ON-OFF Rotary SwitchLorlin 5-Gang, ON-OFF Rotary Switch
Lorlin, 4-Gang Rotary ON-OFF SwitchLorlin, 4-Gang Rotary ON-OFF Switch

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