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AIM60005, Meter - 50µA DC
AIM601, Meter - 1mA DC
AIM6050, Meter - 50mA DC
AIM60100, Meter - 100mA DC
AIM60500, Meter - 500mA DC
AIM603000, Meter - 3A DC
AIM605000, Meter - 5A DC
AIM6010A, Meter - 10A DC
AIM6030A, Meter - 30A DC
AVM6015, Meter - 15V DC
AVM7015, Meter - 15V DC
AVM6030, Meter - 30V DC
AVM60150, Meter - 150V AC
AVM60300, Meter - 300V AC
Audio Panel Meter, -20dB to +3dB
0-6 DCA, Panel Meter
Airpax / Haydon D12550-P3, running time meter
VU Faced MicroAmmeter, 250 µA FSD
AIM705000, Meter - 5A DCAIM705000, Meter - 5A DC
ITT, 24VDC Mechanical event Counter

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