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Fastrap 5KV-13, TV Channel 13 Notch Filter
Alfred 563A Microwave AmplifierAlfred 563A Microwave Amplifier
Radyne DMD2400 Satellite ModemRadyne DMD2400 Satellite Modem
Panasonic DSS Digital Satellite ReceiverPanasonic DSS Digital Satellite Receiver
EE Data SDM-650 Satellite ModemEE Data SDM-650 Satellite Modem
Eagle Aspen DBS To-Go 2 Satellite Dish
Satellite Digiwave Single LNB # DGI-1189S
Gensonic GLNB-C01, Miniature C-Band LNB
Satellite DSS Single LNB # BSNA4-214ASatellite DSS Single LNB # BSNA4-214A
Microwave, Diode Mount
RLC Electronics, microwave antenna switch
Chaparral Receiver, Relay BoardChaparral Receiver, Relay Board

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