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Pair of 425mm Long Mounting/Guide RailsPair of 425mm Long Mounting/Guide Rails
Terminal Studs, 978305-7, Pkt 2000Terminal Studs, 978305-7, Pkt 2000
16mm Sprung Antenna Mounting Bracket with Screw16mm Sprung Antenna Mounting Bracket with Screw
4" Shiny Tube From a Microphone Stand4" Shiny Tube From a Microphone Stand
Falcon, 10mL capacity Pipet # 7501Falcon, 10mL capacity Pipet # 7501
Varian Pipe Assembly G170099600 Rev. 1Varian Pipe Assembly G170099600 Rev. 1
Mounting, V - Bracket
1/2" Threaded Adjustable Metal 180-Deg Coupling1/2" Threaded Adjustable Metal 180-Deg Coupling
Edge Width Protector, 12.25" Long, 0.35" Width
30cc Luer Tip Syringe
Nalegen, Round Centrifuge Tube 3110-0500
Cabinet Latch, SouthCo # E3-56-715-50.
National Cabinet "Stock Lock"
Schneeberger Linear Guideway
Swagelok, 3/8" Hose, 250' Spool
Powerful 8-1/2" Chrome Wire Extension Spring
Adjustable Spring-loaded Mounting Bracket
AMP Header Spacer #106458-5AMP Header Spacer #106458-5
Syringe Dispense Tips, Two pieces, 0.02“ I.D
5CC Syringe
Tools 5CC Syringe
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5cc Syringe, Pkg of 10
Becton Dickenson 26G-5 Syringe Needle
Kahnetics, Syringe Needle - Box of 50

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