Telephone Data Logger KIT- Requires Assembly

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This Data Logger stores over 700 ten-digit DTMF numbers with 16K base memory supplied (2800+ can be stored by adding memory). Records all buttons pressed during a call. Time and date recorded. Requires a terminal program to download to your computer. Data can then be loaded into Excel. Included is the KITdocumentation and a copy of the Silicon Chip article 12/2001. This KIT was also featured in the June 2002 Nuts-N-Volts article. Here is a typical log report: 07-Aug-01 09:12:07,07-Aug-01 09:14:10,23042250 07-Aug-01 09:37:51,07-Aug-01 09:37:55, 07-Aug-01 09:54:10,07-Aug-01 09:54:28, 07-Aug-01 10:12:55,07-Aug-01 10:13:36,23042250 07-Aug-01 10:27:26,07-Aug-01 10:27:47, 07-Aug-01 10:40:38,07-Aug-01 10:41:18, 07-Aug-01 10:45:51,07-Aug-01 10:46:22,230422501 07-Aug-01 10:49:07,07-Aug-01 10:49:14,88888888 Lines with no numbers pressed are incoming calls. This option can be turned off. The last line is opening the remote door to the apartment building. The 8 digit numbers are local numbers. As long as the logger is connected you can monitor who is calling and for how long. Alltronics part# KIT_164, online data sheet :

The product datasheet is available here to view

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